Oh My

This afternoon I headed over to my orthopedic practice’s walk-in clinic to get the ankles looked at. 

It was pretty fast and I found out what’s going on with them. 

The doctor came in and we talked about my ankle injury history. He said okay I’m going to look at the left first, my reply is oh you’ll get a positive anterior drawer no problem. So, he did a valgus and varies stress test and kind of nodded his head. Well then he went for the anterior drawer and that’s where the real fun began. As soon as he did it his response was “Oh My” he then followed this up with palpating around the joint asking if I had any pain, in which I said “Nope”.  This was quickly followed by have any doctors discussed surgery with you about this. Yes, yes they have. So you guessed it we were doing x-rays on the left ankle. 

We then moved onto the right ankle and as he was palpating he said ah we’ve involved both sides and the posterior area of the ankle as well. Yeah, you know if you’re going to do it might as well do it hardcore. So x-rays for the right ankle as well. 

After all the x-rays were in I’ve fractured my posterior lateral maleolous in my right and have some serious degrading going on in the left. 

So I’m sporting some new footwear for the next 6-8 weeks.  

And, oh yeah the left needs surgery sooner rather than later. 

I asked the doctor I saw if I should keep my appointment for Friday, his response was yes and discuss both ankles. 

So Friday we will see what the plan of action is. 

Ah ankles why you got to roll on me. 


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