Not Good

This is how I’ve been spending my day  

Well like this and alternating with an ice pack on the leg. 

I mean it’s just a little swollen right?

Of course apparently everyone else in this town is also breaking and rolling their ankles because my ankle doc can’t see me until Friday. 

I could go to the ER but I really don’t want to sit around in that germ breeding desolate waste area for who knows how long. I mean they will take x-rays and say yes it’s broken, no it’s not here’s an aircast and some crutches now follow up with your orthopedic. So, I’m just cutting the middle man out so to speak. I’ll get x-rays done at my doctor’s office and possibly sent for an MRI and it’ll all be scheduled so a little less sitting around and waiting. And, usually the ortho office is a little less germ ridden than the ER. 

Of course I always seem to injur myself right before the husband ships out. So here’s hoping that this is not a requires surgery injury. 

I of course if I’m told to stay completely off of it will have a hard time following those directions as I’m the person who has the aircast ripped off and the crutches thrown somewhere far far away from me before I’m completely out of the office. And, well right now crutches don’t really work as my left ankle isn’t completely 100% since that one rolling is what created this whole fiasco. 

Great at the rate I’m going I’m going to need a wheelchair. Hmmmm do they come in fun colors and can I trick that thing out?

It’ll be a fun 4 hours sitting in class tonight I may not be able to walk after that. I may have to figure out a way to prop my leg up and I will definitely have to get up and move around whenever we have a break and then possibly some. 

Our new insurance policy year just started over on the first of the month, well looks like we will reach the deductible and out of pocket expenses pretty quickly. It’ll be even faster than last year. Plus side right. 


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