So That Sucked, But Not

It’s Kickball Monday!!!! Our games were cancelled last week thanks to the Storm that passed through drenching the area for days on end. So with flooded fields kickball was a no go. 

I was pumped and ready to play. Unfortunately, as we were heading out to kickball my left ankle, which is shot anyway decided to roll, which happens a lot, as I was walking down a step and this sent the right ankle into a bad roll. The ankle is f*cked up. 

So I was unable to play tonight. I kept score and entertained our team mascot. Can a baby be a mascot? 

We played the FootClan who last time we met gave us a tough game. We ended up winning by one, bottom of the line up was up to kick. Yeah I wrote about it. 

Tonight’s game was a different story. We came out of the gate playing hard and continued that way throughout the game. The Foot was also playing down a few players which always makes things a bit more difficult. 

We held them to no runs until the 4th inning where they were able to get in 2 runs, but it wasn’t enough to overtake our lead. 

Next week is our tournament and the end of kickball 😕😔😓 Seriously, I might cry. I love this stuff. 

Here’s some photos from tonight’s activities. 



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