So my friend Sarah had posted a blog about things she’s obsessed with, included in this blog was a cardigan. You can read the whole blog here. She has some great things on here but I’m focusing on the cardigan. 

I decided to check out the cardigan that she had fallen in love with. I quickly found it online at Modcloth. It’s adorable and comes in sizes for everybody. The I mean seriously everybody the sizes range from XS to 4X. And, the array of colors they offer in this particular piece is amazing. There are at least 10 different colors to choose from. And, well that’s the hard part choosing which color to go with. 

I decided on black, because well you can never have enough black cardigans plus it goes with everything. 

Check out there cool packaging. And, it gets better.  

So my Charter School Cardigan came and I have to say I love it. It is so soft and comfy. It’s definitely one I’ll be wearing a lot. And, now of course I’ve filled my wishlist with one in nearly almost every color they offer it in. 

I’ve been cruising their website and have fallen in love with so many items. My wishlist is filling up with lots of items. 

Along with the cardigan I picked up  

It’s called the Airport something or other. And well I love it. I want to get it in another color. I actually wore this today as it was chillier than it has been here. It’s super comfy and I was comfortable in the mid 60 degree damp, windy temps. 

I am loving Modcloth. I am hoping to eventually chip away at the wishlist I have going. 

Of course now I don’t know if I should shout my love for Sarah introducing me to Modcloth or curse her existence for introducing me to Modcloth.

Oh yeah and I got a free gift with my order which I wasn’t expecting at all. It was a tote complete with a knit hat and a thermos. You can see it in the box. 

So check them out and then you can either love or hate me. 


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