I’ve been taking a night class 2 times a week and it’s 4.5 hours each night. It’s awful. I hate it. There was a very real reason why I didn’t take night classes in college and they were only once a week for 3.5 hours. Thankfully, the class is only 8 weeks long, 8 very L  O   N   G weeks. 

Tonight we are having a test. It’s not graded it’s a more or less way to see where we are in the class and what we are having difficulty retaining/knowing. Of course the nerd/overachiever/perfectionist that I am I have been treating it like its the test. 

I mean I can tell you that I will NOT be sitting through this class ever again so I need to take it seriously and also I do want to know where I stand in the whole how am I doing in this class am I learning anything. 

And, let me tell you sitting for 4.5 hours twice a week is killing my brain. I’m not sure I’m really learning all I could be. As I tend to zone out a bit. I mean it’s a long time to be going over not so fun and interesting stuff. 

So yeah test followed up with class learning. It’s going to be another long night. 


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