Love The Jam

I just wrapped up my Facebook Jamberry party and love seeing people experience Jamberry for the first time. 

I had a very successful party and have tons of product coming my way as rewards from my party. I can’t wait to get all of the good stuff. 

The most exciting thing for me has been seeing my friends and family try it out. And, there have been several wraps that I’ve been looking at but have been unsure of. I’ve been debating back and forth as to whether or not I really liked them. One day I do the next I don’t really care for them. Well a couple of them my friends have gotten and done a Jamicure with, and well seeing them on someone and I fall in love with them.

Here’s just a few of my friends’ Jamicures they have done after participating in my party. 


Chalkboard Hearts – This is one I’ve been on the fence about but now I’m thinking it’s moving to my Wish List


My MIL first Jamicure!!! She did a great job. When the husband and I went down to visit last month I brought a sample for her and showed her how to do it. she’s clearly a fast learner they look great.


My friend’s Almond wrap manicure.


Fame!!! After seeing this wrap on her fingers I used my party rewards to get it. it looks so cute and fun. oh this was her first time doing a Jamicure, she did a great job and on short nails too. So ladies if you’re a nail biter jams will work for you .


Looking for the classic clean look get the french tips.

My biggest problem is so many wraps not nearly enough finger nails to apply them on. Oh and they last so long I feel bad taking them off because they look good but I want to put something new on. 


My current Jamicure

  This is what I am currently sporting but Jamberry has so many fun Halloween wraps that these will be coming off and I’ll be changing my wraps to Halloween ones every week this month. 
And, they just released these fun wraps that glow in the dark. I will be saving these puppies for the week of Halloween. The next  3 weeks will be other Halloween themed ones. 

If you’re thinking about trying Jamberry I say go for it!!!! You can purchase it right here.

If you’re looking for an amazing consultant this woman is amazing. She’s is able to answer all of my questions, when I have had an issue with an order she tracks it down and works to resolve it as quickly as possible, and she throws one heck of a Facebook party. 

If you’re interested in booking a Jamberry party or want more information on it contact her and/or check out her Facebook page. 


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