Water Everywhere

Well it’s round, heck I’m not even sure what round we are now of flooding and rain. 

Today was definitely the worst day of the flooding. We were lucky no water in the house or garage. The water did however come up much higher than it has the last few days. It made it to the sandbags that were in front of our garage door but didn’t go into the garage.

We had a lot of jerks cruising through the neighborhood driving well over the speed limit, and oh yeah we no longer have road shut rivers. So now you’re speeding and creating wake sending water and waves into people’s homes. You don’t live here there is no need for you to be in the area. And, if you are going to be here be respectful. 

Even with the yahoos running around people in the neighborhood were making the best of things. There was a kayak party on the newly formed Lake Lynnhaven. 

It’s a bit sad that signs like this needed to be posted on the street. 

Yes, folks that’s a No Wake sign. 

This is our street as it progressed through high tide. 

But, hey the dogs loved our new waterfront property. They played in the water, swam, and chased after sticks. 

Before the flooding got to terrible the husband and I walked down to the beach and well she was a churning. 

Here’s hoping this is the final round of this nonsense. I can stand to see the sun again. 


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