The Hunt

Since buying the new house the husband and I have been on the hunt for a buffet/server/hutch and bar for our dining room. We’ve had boxes stacked in the dining room since we moved in waiting for a place to be put. Along with the boxes of packed stuff for the dining room our dining room table has boxes of the stone dishes the husband picked up overseas as they had no place to go. 

When we had originally bought our dining table set they had the matching pieces that went with it, but we really didn’t need them as our house in Wyoming had built in bar, buffet, and hutch. It was pretty awesome and we loved it. Of course when we moved that couldn’t come with us. 

So, here we are with no storage for our stuff. We’ve been looking on yard sale sites, checking out estate sales, and trekking to a couple of Ikea’s all with no results. We also have been checking out the furniture stores but hadn’t found what we were looking for. 

Today, we went on over to The Dump, it’s a store, to check out their warehouse clearing sale. Prices were advertised to be slashed to unbelievable prices. Yeah, we were not impressed at all with their pricing. We found 2 pieces that would work but of course weren’t matching to our table or each other. We kept them in mind and decided to check out the local Ashley Furniture Store as that is who made our table. 

At the Ashley store we found a couple of pieces that we liked but we’re definitely not liking the price as we needed to buy a server with hutch and then another server. $2400-4000 YIKES!!!! I really didn’t want to be spending that if we didn’t have to. 

However, as we were on our way to the Ashley store earlier we had passed Grand Furniture Outlet. We decided hey why not go check it out. What’s the worse that can happen they have nothing we want. 

We walked in and like any furniture store you go into we were greeted by a salesman. We let him know we were just looking and he left us alone. Alright, if I need help I’ll be looking for you buddy. We wandered over to the dining room furniture section and BAM!!!!! The first piece we had liked at the Ashley store was there, what was even better they had 2 of them!!!!! Are you serious, SCORE! Until I saw that they were part of a set, table, chairs, and server. Well dang I don’t need the table and chairs. That’s when we flagged down our man Dave and said hey, I want both of these pieces and not the table and chairs. Can you do that for us? He went off to the back and a few minutes later came back with a price that the husband and I had agreed on was what we were willing to pay. Let’s just say we got both pieces for less than the price of a single one at the Ashley Store. 

Dave was the man as he was getting our information into the computer and getting everything set so that we could take our goods home he told us a little secret. All the things from the Ashley Store and Grand Furniture stores that can’t be sold for whatever reason come to them so if you want something there is a good chance that they have it. Thanks for that info Dave I’ll be remembering that. 

The new server/hutch in our dining room. There is another one exactly like it on the opposite wall that will be serving as our bar. 

While we were looking around GFO my husband goes look purple couch. Now, I’m a fan of the color purple it’s my favorite, hello we had the 3 year purple gun search going on. Not only was the couch and its matching chair purple but they were in a mid-century modern build, which we both love. Then we sat on the couch and chair. Ahhhhh heaven. Comfort and firmness which is usually a really hard combination to find. Ah man I’m in love but it’s purple. If it came in a nice gray or neutral tone I’d be all over it. And, not to mention the grey chaise that was next to the couch and chair that is also super comfy and a great accent color to the purple. But, really purple I can live with but the husband I am thinking not so much. As we were leaving to head back to the house to pick up the truck so that we could get the dining room pieces home we took some quick measurements of the couch and chair. 

We got home did some quick measurements and decided well they would fit nicely. I then said but yeah it’s purple. The husband’s response was I can live with the purple. WHAT!!!!! Game on call Dave and tell him we will take it. For the 3 pieces we weren’t going to be bankrupt. Well that Dave he came through for us again he said okay let me pull the slips and see what we can do for a discount for you. WHAT!!!! He called back and gave us the price. Yeah, we got the chaise for free. 

We ended up making out like bandits today. 2 servers/hutches, couch, chair, and chaise for less than what it would of costs for the 2 server/hutches, that we bought, at the Ashley Store. 

Seriously, if you’re looking for furniture and you live in the Hampton Roads area go check out Grand Furniture Outlet and find Dave. 

Purple couch, chair, and chaise. There will be more room and they will be spread out a bit more once the UFO chair, the black round sofa in the bottom of the photo, is moved back out to the garage. It’s currently in the house so that my car can get in the garage and avoid tree debris. 

So yeah those were our purchases today and I say we scored pretty well. Now to get a rug and some fun grey and purple accent pieces to tie it all together. 


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