This Could Get Interesting

Another day of rain and wind. I went to babysit my friend’s little one so she could take care of some things. I left my house over an hour before needing to be there. It took me an hour to get to her house. Because, apparently when percipitation occurs people in this town forget how to drive. 

I was going to get on the highway but I ended up making a detour and going a completely different way as there were 2 accidents within a 1/4 mile of each other on the highway. And, one of them was pretty major blocking the road. 

I did make it to her house on time and avoided all crazy drivers. 

Of course when I got back to my neighborhood this afternoon I was faced with lots of water. There are several ways to get into my neighborhood and they were all under water. 

I made it home I just drove slow through the high water and fortunately it’s not far I have to drive through the water only a few feet to be exact. 

It’s definitely wet out there. 

My street from the end of my driveway. 

My driveway and front yard. Ornate I should say the start of my lake. 

And, the water is up even more in just a few minutes. 

And, hey look who is out and about. Yet they aren’t delivering the mail just driving down our streets.  

This is the cross street by the house or maybe we should say River. 



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