The Drive Home

We finished our drive home from Florida today. We had stopped in Wilmington, NC last night as we had a meet up in New Bern, NC in the morning. 

Did you know New Bern, NC is the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola, well if you didn’t you do now. 

Norfolk, has mermaid statues everywhere, Annapolis has birds everywhere, and well New Bern has bears. 

This is only a small sampling of the Bears of New Bern. There was a dentist, a scholar, several taxi bears, and lots of others throughout the town. 

We met up with friends of the husband and enjoyed brunch with them and some of their friends. The food was great and so was the company. 

After leaving New Bern, we decided to head to the Outer Banks and cruise through since we have no pressing commitments at home. 

We stopped in Kitty Hawk and checked out the Wright Bros Memorial for about 10 minutes as the park was closing in 10 minutes. Luckily the place is close enough to home we will have to make the trip down again to really check out the whole place. 

Then we stopped for dinner at a restaurant recommended by a friend. 

If you’re ever in Kitty Hawk, NC seriously this is a place to eat. The Rundown Cafe was so good. The prices are great especially in a tourist area. Lots of atmosphere here and great scenery. We sat on the outside deck looking out towards the water. It was great. You can even feed the fish when you leave. 

And, now it’s home to do laundry and get ready for the week. 



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