Captain George’s

We headed out to Captain George’s Seafood Buffet tonight for dinner with friends. 

This place has quite the spread. Salad bar, soup bar, fried seafood bar, American fare, seafood bar with clams, crab legs, shrimp, and all sorts of other goodies, and 2 dessert bars. 

There wasn’t much in the line that I could eat. I stuck to the veggies as I can’t eat fried food, and the grilled and broiled fish had seasonings on them that contained flour. Oh, and I’m not a huge seafood fan. However, I left the place quite full. 

I know if the younger brother comes to visit where I will be taking him to eat, because he will definitely be able to eat his weight in crab legs there and get is $32.99 worth and then some out of the place. 

We had a good time with friends, good food, and good conversation. If your in the Hampton Roads area check out Captain George’s. 


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