Bullet Points

  • IKEA normally I love you but today I don’t. 2 IKEA’s and nothing to show for it. Apparently everything I like everyone else does as well. All out of stock. 
  • When in IKEA go with the flow people. No swimming upstream. 
  • I mean really there are arrows on the floor directing you. 
  • When walking through IKEA if you want to stop and look at something that’s great please do but remove yourself from the path. 
  • Also, if you’re out for your Sunday stroll please don’t do it 3 across the path. I’d like to make it to where I’m going. 
  • Holy Crow VA drivers it’s a sprinkle no need to slam on the brakes. 
  • Seriously, no joke twice it started to sprinkle on the ride home, and by sprinkle I mean we used the mist feature on the wipers maybe twice. 
  • But, precipitation falling from the sky sends everyone into a panic apparently.
  • The left lane is for PASSING!!!
  • If you’re not passing move over to the right lane. Trust me the traffic will move much better if you do. 
  • Please have some clue where you are going instead of cutting across 4 lanes of traffic and nearly killing everyone in your path. 
  • Please steer the car yourself. DO NOT have your passenger steer for you while your adjusting the mirror and bouncing all over the lanes. I’d like to get home in one piece today. 

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