Some People

Okay we are going to have bullet points today folks. I’ve got a rant to go on. 

  • Walmart I HATE YOU!!!
  • Okay people it’s an express lane 20 items or less. Okay you have 30 no big deal. However, when you have an overflowing cart it is not okay. And, I don’t care that no one was there. Did you really think that no one would come to the express check out on the 20 minutes it’s going to take to ring up your cart. 
  • Cashier at the express lane that allowed this crap please stop your chatting and ring her up, I’d like to get out of here. 
  • People that drive in the blind spot sorry but you are going to get hit one of these days and you’ll deserve it. 
  • And, this sends me people that have to copy everything that someone else does. I mean really it’s supposed to be a form of flattery but really get your own ideas. Stop doing and copying everything that someone else does. Everyone knows exactly what you’re doing. You’re not fooling anyone, everyone knows it wasn’t your idea. 
  • People who overstep boundaries. I barely know you so no it is not okay to text me at 5am or call me repeatedly while I’m at a meeting. If I don’t answer the first time you call I will not answer the next 6 times you call or answer the text messages. I am busy. Leave a message I will get back to you. 

Okay rant is over for now. 

Can you tell it’s been one of those days?


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