All About That Base

Tonight was Game 2/Week 2 of Kickball season. And, well we are loving it!!!!

We picked up some new team members tonight which is awesome and fun. Along with the new team members we were all back for another week. 

We played an amazing game tonight. We worked well together and got some quick outs. Along with that we were kicking some a$$ on the offense side of things too. 

Our players were listening to the base coaches, and working on strategy to move the players along the bases.

Highlights of the night: I made it on base!!!!! Whoooo. I managed to kick one over the pitcher’s head right into the open space. Not only did I get on base but it sent a runner home to score. My second “at bat” I didn’t make it to the base but I did advance the runner into scoring position, so hey that’s a good thing. 

I wasn’t the only one excited about making it on base Shellee was ecstatic as well. We had a couple of girls score some runs and place some nice bunts and good solid kicks. 

Each week I think the time I have at kickball, (okay excuse the completely grammatically incorrect word I’m throwing out here), funner time than I did the week before. 

Yes, I know I just used the word funner, okay it’s not a word but I used and put in a disclaimer before doing so. 

We’ve already decided we are signing up for Spring season because hey this sh*t is fun. And, I’m meeting some fun interesting people. 

Our social coordinator is a blast, she is a complete riot and a lot of fun and has all sorts of stuff she’s planning to make it a more social event, well even more social than it already is. 

The members on the team I’m on are a lot of fun to be around and hang out with and its a night out be active and social with a bunch of people who just want to have some fun. 

   Getting a pep talk/strategy/positions from our fearless leader Mags

 The Foot Clan has taken the field

   Up to “bat” I don’t know I guess you’d say kick. 

 Nice shot!

She’s on base!!!!


  Our catcher going after the ball  
  The Charger has it for an easy out  
Good game guys!!!!!

Oh did I mention we put one in the ole Win column tonight. 


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