Seriously, road construction can send me over the edge quicker than quick. 

Especially, when the geniuses of VDOT decide to do roadwork on a section of highway where you have another highway merging into it. Yes, let’s take 5 lanes of traffic and narrow it down to one. Are you f@&$ing kidding me. 

Oh and the best part is we aren’t even working on 3/4 of the 5 miles we have closed off. Oh yeah and to f@&$ you over some more you know that exit that everyone needs yeah we’ve closed that too. 

Hello detour. 

I knew I should of taken the back roads home. 

Thank you VDOT for making a 25 minute ride home over an hour. Hope you have that sh*t fixed before tomorrow mornings rush hour. 

On another note how was your Wednesday?


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