It Was A Good Day

I had an interview today for a part time baby gig. It’s 2 days a week from time to time. Which works perfectly for me as I’m building up my temp/fill-in nanny clientele.  I have a couple of families now that call me when they need someone to either fill-in for there normal child care or just like me I guess. 

This works well for me especially with the husband’s work schedule because hey I can make my own schedule. 

The interview went really well and I’ll know tomorrow afternoon if I’ve gotten the job or not. And, to add to that another one of the families I have cared for has scheduled me for next week as well. 

I really enjoy my job and getting to form relationships with these families and the children. They are all a lot of fun and present different challenges and exciting opportunities. 

And, in the next few months I’m starting on a couple of other job opportunities, which I’ll be sure to share with you later once I start them. Again these are all work from home and set my own schedule, which for the husband and I works out great. 

Things are moving right along and I couldn’t be happier. 


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