Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday our neighborhood has a Farmer’s Market in the parking lot of one of the little strip malls here. I haven’t checked it out until today. 

I went towards the end so a lot of vendors were already packing up, so I mostly just looked around to see what they offer. And, man do they have some great stuff.

I bought some locally made soap because well you always need soap and they smelled amazing. 

There is a local farm that will deliver meat and eggs right to your door, which once the husband is home we might be trying that out. Local seafood people were selling all sorts of goods. A local farm with tons of produce was also there. 

And, my favorite thing is a new business that once a week delivers fresh greens to your house once a week. I signed up for it as you can cancel anytime, skip a week or more if you want and change your order up till the day before delivery. I will be getting a mesculan mix, along with a lettuce delivery and micro greens. I’m excited about this. So yummy and fresh. They deliver it to you and leave it in a cooler that they’ve made so you don’t have to worry about being home to get the drop off. It’ll be good until you get home. They just started but are hoping to expand over time to include other vegetables. They are also a year round gig since they are a greenhouse. Yes!!! Fresh greens all winter long. I love it. 

I will definitely be heading over to the market earlier next week to check out what they have, and to support the local businesses. 


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