It Was Like Christmas 

I got home today to a familiar sight.  

A big black trunk. We use them to ship stuff back and forth to the husband’s worksite.

This means it’s getting close for him to come home. In the box was of course plenty of laundry for me to take care of. Okay technically they are “clean” I use the term loosely as I’m not so sure what the laundry water quality is where he is, so clean is a relative term. He uses the clothes as packing/padding material and it works everything made it in tact. 

Included in the box with the laundry was all sorts of good stuff. Some local hats that are pretty cool.  

Last time he had been in this particular location he had gotten us these really cool glasses, and well when our friends saw them they wanted a set. 

These glasses are really cool and definitely make a statement when you set them out on the table. 

And, then he found these 


I’m in love with these bowls. They are beautiful. Nice and big. They won’t be used that often but it’ll be fun to pull them out every once in a while. Now all we need is plates and we will be set. 

Who needs to register for a China pattern when you get married when you can get handmade cool stuff like this instead. 

And, then this 

My new jewelry box. I’ll be organizing my jewelry later today. 

Happy Thursday all!


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