Yeah, that title is right I said Kickball. Tonight a friend and I went and checked out an adult kickball league. 

We decided to scope it out and see the type of people that were playing. Because, well we weren’t up to being the senior citizens of the team, needed to get an idea of fit the players are, and the type of people that are playing. 

Well, we wouldn’t be the oldest, the most out of shape players, and well I think we are pretty fun so it’s definitely something I’m considering.

Of course now it’s all about convincing the husband to play since he will be home for the entire season. I think it’d be fun to play together. Some physical activity and fun all rolled into one. 

Oh, and let’s face it the game is really more about the social aspect. As in there was definitely some drinking going on during the game and apparently after the games everyone goes to a local bar, which is just down the street from the house, SCORE on that we can walk to the bar, and they have dinner and drinks. I need to be more social and so does the husband we need to make some more friends. I really need to make friends so I can do things with people when the husband is gone. 

So, we will see if the husband is up for it, and if he is we will join the league and play some kickball every week. 

Anyone out there play in a kickball league? If so what do you like not like about it? Is it as much fun as it looks?


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