Seriously Have Had It With Dog Hair

I’ve had it with dog hair. It’s absolutely f*cking ridiculous in this house. I clean it up every day and every day there is so much of it. 

If it wasn’t so dang hot outside my dogs would be living outdoors. However, it’s way too hot for them to be out for more than just a little while. 

So, no I’m considering shaving them. I’m not joking I can’t take it anymore. They so much as move and hair is falling off of them. They brush up against me I’m covered in hair. It’s just getting gross now. 

I’m wondering what a shaved lab/Shepard and lab/Doberman mix would look like. If this ridiculous shedding continues we may all find out. 

I mean hello it’ll be August on Saturday. I feel they should have shedded their coat by now and this should have stopped. 

Tomorrow they are going to hate it but they will each be getting a brushing of epic proportions in hopes that helps some. It usually doesn’t but I can hope. 

Seriously, next time we get dogs they are going to be of the non-shedding variety. 


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