Bike Ride

The husband is going to be happy to see this post. I took the new bike out for a spin today. 

We are really fortunate to live right next, and by right next to I mean basically out the front door, bike path. The bike path wanders into the state park that’s about a mile and half from our house. It’s wooded and quiet. The path provides lots of shade and nature to enjoy. I even spotted a lizard on my ride. 

Once the path enters the state park it meanders through the park offering nature, cool, wooded scenery, and a safe place to ride. 

Being as it was my first ride on the bike, well except for the quick jaunt around the block when we first brought it home, I decided before I left that I’d do a 30 minute ride. So however far I made it after 15 minutes I’d turn back around and head home. So that’s exactly what I did. 

I ended up making it into the state park and probably riding on one of the trails for about half a mile before turning back to head home. I really enjoyed the ride and will be heading out to do it again soon. 

The best part about the ride was no bugs and thank goodness for that as I forgot to spray myself with bug spray before heading out. 

Here’s my stats for my little leisurely jaunt. Oh and keep in mind I have a beach cruiser, I mean I do live at the beach. So my bike is not meant to be ridden hard or fast, but I think it was a good little ride. Can’t wait to do it again. Although, I’m seriously considering a different bike seat. Ouch! They are not comfortable at all. 


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