Being Productive 

Today has been exceptionally productive. Which is a good thing since this past week I’ve been working and really haven’t been productive, so I made up for it today. 

I got up made breakfast, and then proceeded to begin my productive day. 

  • Deliver the overflowing car load of stuff for GoodWill ✔️
  • Laundry ✔️
  • Clean bathrooms ✔️
  • Vacuum/dust mop and mop floors ✔️
  • Change out dog beds to be washed ✔️
  • Clean up all the dog hair ✔️ of course this is futile as soon as the dogs were let back in the house more dog hair. Next dog no shedding
  • Clean kitchen ✔️

So see it’s been really productive here. 

I’m going to eat some lunch and sit out on the back deck and enjoy the is bright sunny day. This is of course after I bathe in bug spray. But, hey whatever I’m still going to enjoy the day. 

Oh and, work myself up for a trip to Walmart to get the dogs flea treatment. Yeah that’s going to take some serious mental preparation. 

Happy Sunday. 


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