The Dogs Love The New House

With the new house the dogs are not crated when we leave the house anymore. When we were in the rental we wouldn’t leave them out in case they decided to be destructo puppies. Usually, they are good, but every once in a while they feel the need to chew and well when it’s not your own its best to not allow that to happen. So crates it was. 

Now that we are in the new house they have doggy doors into the house so they can be outside, chase squirrels, play in their pool, and bark at everything that moves past the gate. 

Today I was at work all day and so they spent the day outside. Apparently, they spend the majority of the day sitting at the gate waiting for me to come back home. However, they must tire themselves out somewhat because this is how they’ve been since i walked in the door. 

Apparently, we have some tuckered out dogs. 

I love that they get to play outside and run off some energy as they have more than enough for 20 dogs. 

New house for the win!!!


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