Temp Nanny Gig

This morning I woke to an email from the nanny agency I work for, needing someone today. I looked at the clock and said yeah I can make that work. So, I called in accepted the job and got myself ready, and the dogs ready for the day.

Thankfully, today was a lot cooler than it has been, so the dogs playing outside, in their pool, and in the sunroom was going to be a okay. Of course when I got home tonight they were sitting at the gate waiting for me. Silly dogs go play and chase those squirrels you love so much.

It was a good day the children were a lot of fun. The day was spent swimming, a little lunch, followed by a movie, and than back to the pool.

And, well today’s gig turned into tomorrow’s gig as well. Whooooo some more money in my pocket.

I really enjoy the whole temp nanny thing as I get to meet lots of different families and work with all different ages of kids who all enjoy different things. Plus, if I’m not available it’s no big deal. I am getting to pick and choose my hours somewhat, which is nice.

My beach day is being traded in for a pool day, but hey it’s water, sun, and fun.

How was your hump day?


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