Did You Know

I wasn’t sure what to post today and well really I have nothing exciting to post about. I know folks, but sometimes my life is just not that exciting today happens to be one of those days. 

So in my efforts to find some little tidbit of something to post I headed on over to my favorite site Google and thought about how I see all these it’s National (fill-in the blank) Day. So, I thought why not Google national day and see what pops up. 

Did you know there is an actual calendar listing what every day is the National Day of. Really, we’ve come up with 365 things to be National Day of. Apparently, we have folks. 

Anyway, in case you were wondering today is National Junk Food Day!

Ughhhhhh just what I don’t need to be knowing. Junk food is so something I don’t need. But, hey if you’re for it today’s the day National Junk Food Day, go out eat all the chips, cookies, and candy you can get your hands on. No need to feel guilty I mean it is National Day for Junk Food. 

So, go ahead and Google National Day and find out what tomorrow is the National Day of it may be something you’re really into, or most likely leave you shaking your head saying really?



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