Started Off Slow, But I’m Making Up For It

Today started off pretty slow as in I didn’t want to get up and tackle the office at all. It’s a bit overwhelming. There is just stuff everywhere and it’s kind of a where do I even start sort of thing. 

I managed to finally convince myself to start the task. I decided to just break it down a bit and go from there. 

And, well it worked. I found all of the bags that held closet items and tackled that first. I put all of the items on Huggable Hangers and hung them in either the coat closet or the office closet. All I have to say is the husband has an awful lot of uniforms. Here’s hoping I can convince him to go through them and get rid of a few as some of them are from over 12 years ago when he joined. I’m not so sure they are going to work for him anymore. But, for now they are all hung up neatly in the closet. 

After finishing the closet stuff I set up the bookshelf and dusted it. I then began unloading several of the boxes of books. I got through the entire stack of boxes that were stacked 4 high along one wall. I have 2 boxes full of books that are in the donation pile and I’m sure once I can get to the other wall stacked with more boxes of books there will be more. 

It feels pretty good to purge stuff. 

I bought a folding table to use as the “desk” for now that we will be able to use well after the husband comes home and finds the desk that suits his needs. 

I’m still trying to figure out how I want to set up the room, but I can’t really do much about it until I get some of the stuff put away. I need room to move and put the furniture, so it’s just a matter of putting stuff away and then figuring out where the big items will go. 

Tomorrow there will be some more progress made and hopefully it’ll be complete. I love that I’m making progress and it’s noticeable. This house is going to be a home soon and I love it. I love that I’ve even got stuff on the walls it looks like we live here, and well we do. 

After the office is finished its doing some organization/cleaning up of the kitchen as it right now has totes, bins, and bags stored in it. As they’ve been emptied they’ve been stored there instead of making multiple trips out to the garage. I’ll do it all at once when I’m done. 

The dining room unfortunately won’t be finished until the return of the husband. We need to pick out a buffet and bar, once that happens I’ll be able to unpack all of the boxes that for now will just remain stacked against the wall. But, you know me I’ll be organizing it all before I call it done until the husband gets home. So stay tuned there hopefully will be new pictures tomorrow. 


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