Busy As A Bee

Today was another one of those days where I’ve been going non-stop. Unfortunately, I also woke up at 2am and was unable to fall back asleep until nearly 6, and then had to get up to head to the nanny gig. 

The nanny gig was good, the little peanut was a joy. 

After the nanny gig I stopped at Target to pick up some items for the house. Got a table for the office so I can get that moving. 

After getting home eating a quick lunch I finished up the bathrooms. I created some storage space in the master and also discovered that the one outlet in the bathroom doesn’t work. Another thing to add to the list of stuff for the husband to check out. 

As you can see I need to use every bit of space in the master bath, and check out that crazily organized linen closet. Yeah the husband won’t be allowed in there. Eventually, once the husband gets home there will be shelves above the toilet in the master which will have some linens on it so that way we don’t have to run down the hall to grab some. It’s a work in progress. And, as you can see I need to find a more exciting shower curtain for the main bathroom. I’ll find it its out there somewhere. 

Tomorrow it’s the guest room and again still on the search for the perfect bedding I’ve found stuff I like but not in the price range I want to spend. 

I also attended a Junior League recruitment event. It was held at the Yard House and there was a huge turnout. I got to mingle and chat with lots of current members and meet lots of new prospective members like myself. I had a great time met lots of interesting women and can’t wait for the next event. 

So yeah this girl is ready for some zzzzz’s


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