On My Way To Having 2 More Rooms Complete

Things are getting real in this house of ours. I spent the day rolling towels and getting every inch of space out of the linen closet in the main bathroom. It’s looking pretty good. 

I’m still on the search for a shower curtain that is “the one” which just hasn’t happened yet, but there is a plain brown one hanging in their for now. It’ll do until I find that all illusive shower curtain. I’ll know it when I see it. 

My real problem is our master bath as its exceptionally small and there is literally no storage space. We have under the sink space which pretty much holds a pack of toilet paper, which is always important and cleaning supplies. There is also a very narrow medicine cabinet. So I’m having to get super creative in this room. Eventually there will be shelves put in over the toilet so that we can keep linens in the bathroom and not have to go down the hall for them. 

I have a ton of stuff that I’ve gotten rid of because well there is no room for it. But, it’s stuff that hasn’t really been used so I’m not really going to miss it now am I. 

I was planning on getting the rest of it done tomorrow, however things have changed and I’m being a nanny tomorrow afternoon into the early evening. So that will definitely put a crunch on what I can get done since I have appointments scheduled for all morning and early afternoon tomorrow. So yeah, I’m thinking Wednesday I’ll have bathrooms done. 

It’s okay it’s a work in progress and it’ll get done and I want it to be the way I want it and not half-assed so it takes as long as it takes. 

Here’s to another day of being completely productive. And, here’s hoping tomorrow I can get a little something done. 

And, to think it’s even a Monday and I’ve been this productive. Wow!


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