I Have A Living Room!!!

Today, was awesome!!! I finished the living room. It’s looking a bit sparse as we will be getting a sectional once the husband gets home. Oh yeah and we will put the end tables back in the house. 

All that’s left is to decorate the one big wall in the room. I’m thinking I’m going to be looking for an oversized clock and some canvas prints to go on either side of the clock. I’m still playing with that in my head. 

I need to pick up a little key hook rack for our keys and I’m debating between a coat tree or a coat hook rack. I’m leaning more towards a coat hook rack, but still thinking about it. That decision doesn’t need to be made today so I’ll think about it for a bit. 

But are you ready for it the first pictures of a completed, well except for the decorations, room in the new house!?  If you’re not you should be. Oh and let me say this I love hardwood floors and hate carpeting, but my dogs are the wrong color for this floor. Their dark hair stands out that’s for sure. And, oh did I mention that they are both shedding non-stop. I’ll be sweeping several times a day. Note to self get a dust broom/mop ASAP. 

Okay, here it is the living room, get excited people:

 So, picture this where the couch is will be part of a sectional with a chaise on the end, and there will be a corner piece that will run along where the window is and the chest will be moved to the big plain wall is what I’m thinking. 

Anyway there it is folks a completed room. Oh and husband see I really am working at making this house a home and unpacking. I think he’s beginning to question me and what I’m doing. 


2 thoughts on “I Have A Living Room!!!

  1. I love all the natural light and built ins! Maybe you should get a Rumba? Those vacuum robot things that just automatically go all over the place? I had a friend who really liked theirs.

    • I’d love a Roomba and a Scooba, the automatic robotic mop then life would be wonderful. Although, I think they’d both die from the amount of dog hair. Seriously, every day I’m sure I clean up enough dog hair to create a new dog. It’s crazy. At least their isn’t carpeting to vacuum.

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