Today I went with my friend her daughter and cousin to see Minions!!!! I’m not sure who was more excited the kids or the adults. 

It was great!!!!

I love those Minions!!! It was definitely funny and lots of little things for adults to pick up on and laugh at. 

And, of course I saw this morning before going to the movie and had to share with my friend.  

Because, how can you not make Minions into Magic Mike. 

And, now I’m enjoying my evening trying to entertain my over energetic dogs. Being as it looks like this: 

And, has since about 2 this afternoon. I keep telling them, NO, we aren’t playing ball in the house. However, somehow they aren’t really going for that. They keep taking turns dropping a ball in my lap. Yeah not going to happen. There is definitely more room in the house then there was yesterday, but still not enough room for you 2 crazys to run through the house all wild like. 

Here’s hoping the rain dies down in a bit so we can run off some of their pent up energy. 


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