Productive Day – Finally

Today was very productive. I returned the key for our rental. Of course finding the office was a bit fun as they have no sign out at the street it’s on the building, but when cars are parked in front of your building you can not see the sign from the street. So after a little detour I made it to the office. 

I then went grocery shopping and picked up some items I needed for the next couple of days. 

I came home and got some laundry done and made a ton of progress on the living room. 

Made a delicious salad to go along with my lunch. Watermelon cucumber mint salad. Yeah it’s delicious and one of my new favorite summertime salads. You can check out the recipe here. Also whipped up a balsamic lemon Rosemary marinade for my grilled chicken that I had for dinner. You can check out the recipe for the marinade here.

Along with that I cleaned out and organized the fridge as when we moved in I just kind of stuffed everything in anywhere not caring where it ended up just as long as it was in the dang thing. I need to do the freezer portion as well which I plan to do before heading to bed tonight. 

So yeah it was productive and here’s hoping tomorrow I can get the rest of the living room done. This is of course after I see The Minions Movie tomorrow. Yeah, I think I’m more excited then the kids that are going.

Here’s to a happy fun weekend. 


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