It’s Coming Together

Our living room is slowly starting to look like a living near room instead of a room piled with boxes, baskets, and totes. 

Of course the office now is even more stuffed then it was before since a lot of the stuff that’s been hanging out in the living room is all stuff that belongs in the office. And the hall thankfully is extra wide since there are lots totes piled in the hallway now that need to be gone through and put away in the bathrooms. 

Yeah, let’s just say the donation pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And, the garbage cans are getting filled. It’s amazing the amount of crap you can accumulate. The sad part is that I’ll have to head out to the garage after I finish the house and go through all of the stuff that we took out of the storage unit. I’m fairly certain that most of that stuff will head off to the donation center as well. 

At least I’m cleaning out the clutter as I go and doing all sorts of DIY projects for organization and making things fit. I love being organized. 

Of course it’s taking way longer than I would like it too. 


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