Drop Everything & Go

Last week I interviewed with a family to do some part time babysitting for them. Just a couple of hours here and there. Which for right now while I’m trying to get this house organized and with the husband’s job schedule it works out well for me. Also, there are some things coming up that I’m looking into doing so I’ll need time.

Anyway today as I’m starting to sort through the mess that is our living room I get a call asking if I can be there at noon. Uhmmmm it’s 11:35 your house is 25 minutes away if traffic is moving well. Oh and I’m a complete dirt bag right now as I’ve been moving stuff in the house and sitting on the floor and, yeah sure I can be there. It’ll be a few minutes after noon though. 

Luckily I can change focus quickly. I stopped the project I was in the middle of ran and changed into some real clothes as opposed to the sweats I was in, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, made sure the dogs had water outside, flew out the door, and was on my way to their house in under 10 minutes. Pretty good I think. 

It was 3 hours spent with quite the hilarious 6 year old and his baby brother. I got to watch America Ninja Warrior in which he explained everything that was going on. 

After that we played some ninja turtles. He just received a ninja turtle zip line that was pretty cool. And, we finished off the afternoon with a whole lesson on the ninja turtles and the new cartoon episodes. Which he had to explain a lot to me because they sure aren’t the same ninja turtles as they were when I was growing up. 

After getting home I worked some more on the living room. It’s slowly coming together. But there is tons of stuff in this room that doesn’t belong in this room and I’m wondering do I just put it in the rooms it’s supposed to go in and come back to it later or do I put it away as I go. Although, I really have no clue where it’s going to go in the rooms it’s supposed to go. I’ll figure it out. 

But, I will say things are definitely coming together slowly but surely. 

How was your day?


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