A HodgePodge Post

Today was the start of the 4th of July weekend, and not that I headed across the street to the beach I will say that it was packed. It was a perfect day for the beach warm temperatures in the 80’s a bit humid but there was a breeze most of the day. 
I did not enjoy a day at the beach but I have made huge progress with the kitchen. The cabinets are finally set things are where they fit and will stay. Although, I’m not sure where I put the knife sharpener so I’ll be looking for that since I have some knives that need sharpening. When the husband returns home we will be looking at doing some serious modifying of the cabinets to make them more functional and better with organization.
Now it’s cleaning the counter tops and organizing my small appliances on the counter tops. This is taking some playing around as well, but I’ll get it. 
I’m debating heading down the road towards our other house to catch the fireworks that they are doing tonight. I do love me a fireworks display. 
And, I learned this today. My grandfather is the oldest former NYS Forest Ranger at 96. Whoooo way to go Grandpa.

Check him out in his hay day. 

Hope you are having an amazing and safe 4th of July weekend. 


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