I’m Becoming More Convinced Every Second

At every turn I’m becoming more and more convinced the people that owned this house were A) complete morons and B) complete slobs. 

The kitchen is taking way longer than I had planned, as every time I open a cabinet I’m met with a surprise. It’s a wonder these people are still alive and not dead from some food borne illness or nasty infection. Ughhhhh. I’ve found open food from like 2003 in lower cabinets and let’s not even get into the cobwebs and spider eggs everywhere. Yeah, I’m not impressed. 

So before I can put anything in the cabinets I need to vacuum them out and clean them. And, well the way they are built is absolutely ridiculous. I mean really when you don’t separate them at all things get lost in them. Hence the opened food from 2003 I’m sure. Cabinets with narrow openings great how in the heck am I supposed to fit anything in there? 

Sorry husband, but when you get home we will be doing some major construction on these disastrous cabinets. 

I mean how could you live in this house since 1997 and not fix these black holes you called cabinets?

I definitely need a Lazy Susan in the corner because otherwise it’s a lost cause. Along with that I need slide out racks in all of the cabinets because they are super deep and again you’ll lose stuff in them if you don’t. And, we will be making some new doors for one particular section so that I can actually fit things in said cabinet. 

I am making progress though I can see actual counter top and have emptied boxes and all of the bags of this contents so now it’s just onto the totes. It’ll be done being unpacked tomorrow and then I’ll do a cleaning of the counters and floors since they’ve taken a beating since moving in. I’m hoping to get some thugs hung on the walls as well and hopefully by tomorrow evening I can say I have a room completely done and home worthy. 

All I have to say is I’m really thankful that the husband is super handy and can do home improvement projects because the poor man is going to have quite the list when he gets home. 


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