Kickin Up The Dust Tour

Thursday night some friends and I headed out to see a concert. It was Luke Bryan’s Kickin Up The Dust Tour with Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser. 

The concert was held at an outdoor venue and well the weather wasn’t looking to promising to begin with. 

We made it to the venue as the gates opened and we made our way into the venue to grab our seats on the lawn. The rain had stopped but there was a serious light show going on with the lightening that was lighting up the sky. However, by the time the concert started the sky had cleared up and the temperature was tolerable. 

Dustin Lynch started the concert off and started getting the crowd fired up. 


After Dustin Lynch wrapped up his set Randy Houser took the stage, and well the crowd got even more fired up. 


Then it was time for the main event, and well let me tel you the place went BANANAS!!!!

  Yeah, the crowd was insane. Did I mention this concert sold out in 15 minutes so they added a second show which also sold out.  

I couldn’t believe the amount of people and the energy of the place it was crazy. They have beer tents positioned throughout the lawn area you couldn’t even see them there were so many people. 



One of my favorite parts of the concert was when Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser took the stage with Luke Bryan.


One of the coolest parts of the concert was during the song Drink A Beer all of the lights were turned off and everyone had their cellphone lights on. It was a pretty awesome sight to see 20,000+ cellphones all lit up at once. 








 And, a little Country Girl Shake It For Me

It was a great concert and I can see why Luke Bryan is both The CMA and ACM Artist of the Year.


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