Organized Closet 

Today was the day I finished putting our Master Closet together. It took longer than I had thought, but it was well worth it. 

Instead of a mass of clothes, shoes, and handbags thrown into the closet it all has spaces, bins, and a place. Totally worth the time to make it this way, because well when you open the closet things aren’t falling down on top of you, if my closet is left open and someone walks in my room they won’t see pure chaos, and it just makes me feel better to know that it’s organized and things can be found easily. 

I employed a couple of organizational skills I’ve learned about. The first being I put everything on the hangers facing the same direction, which definitely helps the clothes rod to look clean. Second I hung everything up with the hangers backwards: 

This is used to see what you actually wear in your closet. When an item is worn the hanger will be turned the correct way, and when it comes time for me to move the warm weather clothes to the end of the closet and bring forth the cold weather clothes anything that is on a backwards hanger is pretty much going in the donation pile. I like the idea. I like decluttering my life and my closet. 

Also you may have noticed the hangers I’ve used in the closet. Seriously, these are amazing. If you’ve ever watched I believe it’s HSN you’ve probably seen Huggable Hangers. Well let me tell you they are worth every penny. This closet is smaller than the closet we had in the rental house and yet we have lots of space still left over in the closet. I am a believer these hangers really do work. 

Another item I am in love with and on the next trip we will probably be picking up some more is these storage boxes from IKEA.  

These particular boxes came with dividers to make 6 compartments. And all of those boxes have shoes in them. I have 4 of them filled with my shoes. Yeah let’s not discuss the amount of shoes I have lets just marvel in the fact that they are all neatly contained. And easily found. As I have 4 boxes, heels, flats, boots, and sneakers. The husband has 2 boxes filled with his shoes and boots. 

So here it is my clean, organized closet.  



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