He’s Off

The husband left today. The dogs are a bit bummed they were not impressed when I came home alone after dropping him off at the airport. 

I’ll miss him while he’s gone, but the house will be unpacked and organized and all ready for him when he gets back. So he’ll come back to a home instead of a disaster area that this house currently is. 

After dropping the husband off at the airport I made a quick stop at the store to pick up some organizing items for our closet and bathroom. Hoping that tomorrow our bedroom will be set up, well except for the shelves that are going up and whatever we will be hanging on the walls which I have yet to decide what that shall be. Also the bathroom should be set to go except for the shelves that will be going up as well. And, on a plus side if I get the master bedroom all set up clothes in dressers and closets the guest bedroom will be done as right now the bed is piled high with stacks of clothing. Plus the guest bedroom has the stuff hanging on the walls so it will be completely done. Whooooo a room done. Then it’ll be more of working on the office since that will start to be cleared out as I work on the master closet as all of our closet clothes are currently taking up residence in their. I will be able to get the books and bookshelf set up which will clear a lot of stuff out of the room. So, it’ll be coming along nicely. 

Now if only I can find a shower curtain for the main bathroom that I love. Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m on the lookout. 

By this time next week I’m hoping I’ll be posting pictures of the unpacked and set up house. And, then I’ll be able to enjoy living at the beach. Yay!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


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