Not that I have a before picture of our attached garage, but I’ll paint you a picture. The garage had a narrow little pathway to walk through because well we were running out of room to put stuff so it was just unload it into the garage so we can get the next load.

Yeah it was pretty much miserable to move in there. 

Now it’s nowhere near done being out completely together. I mean there are piles of laundry that need to be taken care of and several bags of household/cleaning supplies that need to be put away, but it is all in one little corner now. 

Today we were able to get all of the decorations moved to the attic along with all of the luggage that we rarely use, cases that are used for transporting “stuff”, and some other odds and ends that aren’t needed only on a rare occasion. So with the getting stuff into storage we were able to make the garage moveable. 

And, I even got my treadmill in, okay the husband moved it in, but it’s in the garage where I can get to it and use. So, hey today we’ve made huge progress just in the way the garage looks. 

Along with the garage getting done I managed to get all of the husband’s clothes sorted and into his dresser, along with a huge basket of stuff to be sent overseas with him. I also folded, sorted, and weeded out my clothes that go in the dresser. They are currently all stacked in piles on the guest room bed, and tomorrow will make it into my dresser. After that it’ll be the start of loading up the closet. 

I also assembled some storage pieces for our bathroom, and will start to be able to organize that as well. 

The husband worked on the duct work, a plumbing leak, the AC, and put up our new mailbox. 

So see it has been way productive here today. 

Here’s hoping tomorrow afternoon I can get all of our clothes put away. And, then I can move onto organizing the office, since right now the office is full of office stuff and clothes. 

Whoooooo I like progress. 


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