Civic League, BBQ, & New Wheels

It’s been a full day of activity here. Started the morning off with my neighborhood’s Civic League meeting. Learned some useful information and got a whole presentation on the new bridge they are building. 

That was followed up with a TJ Maxx stop where I spent very little, can’t say the same for my friend that was with me. But, hey her house has some new awesome looking stuff. 

After the shopping trip it was off to a BBQ with her since her husband went kayaking yesterday, forgot the sunscreen, and well I’m sure you can figure out what he looks like now. The BBQ was fun and we found out about another person who does Krav Maga and she does it right by our house. So, yeah I can’t wait to start that up again. 

And, the day ended with getting some new wheels to get around the new neighborhood. 

Yeah, that’s a pretty sweet Schwinn took it for a lap around the block. I might have to get a big ole basket for the front. We shall see. Plus, a major bonus when buying the bike we got the maintenance package which we can use on the husband’s bike to get his bike back into riding shape. So whoooooo!!! We’ll be a biking around the neighborhood kind of family. 

So yeah, busy Saturday and no I didn’t get a bit of unpacking done but hey it’ll happen. 


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