Almost There

Today was somewhat productive. We have moved pretty much everything over to the new house. We have a few odds and ends that will come over tomorrow along with cleaning supplies. 

Tomorrow, I’ll load up the last bit of stuff into the vehicles and then clean the house. The husband will take care of the yardwork while I’m doing the cleaning and hopefully that will lead to completion of the rental house. 

We have a bulk pick-up scheduled for Friday so all garbage and what not will be picked up by the city so one less thing to worry about. 

I’m scheduling a pick up with a charity to pick up the bags of stuff we have for donation as well. 

So the plan is that by tomorrow we are hoping to be done with doing stuff at the rental which means this weekend I can start the job of tackling the new house and putting stuff away and organizing. 

Because here’s a glimpse of what the new house looks like right now. 


There is just stuff everywhere. But, hey it’ll get done and sorted out. But, you can see why I want to be done with the rental by tomorrow Friday at the absolute latest.  


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