Already A Feud

We’ve owned the house for a week, and we already are having issues with a neighbor. 


Our one neighbor insists on parking her car in front of our house on our yard. When asked about it, the response was the city owns this I can park here. Call the city if you want. 

Ha! Lady. Game. On. You clearly have no idea who you are dealing with. After being directed to 5 or 6 different numbers for the city, I pretty much lost count somewhere along the way, I was told the city as an easement of approximently 10 feet. Okay, so that means more than half your car is parked in my yard. 

I will be going over there to let her know what the city told me and that it’s perfectly in my right to call the cops and have them deal with her. 

Everyone else on the street parks in front of their own house, yet this lady parks in front of mine, and she has plenty of pristine grass to park on in front of her house. 

Oh and did I mention they are the only neighbors that haven’t come over to introduce themselves or even say hi while we have been unloading stuff. 

Yeah I won’t feel bad about having her car towed at all. 


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