What In The Bleepity Bleep Bleep?

Today, rather than head over to the old house and pack up stuff and lug it over to the new house I decided to stay at the new house and start putting stuff away. 

CDs, DVDs, and video games have found a home. The records are another story. Not sure what we will be doing with them yet. 

I also started working on the main bathroom. Yeah you remember that picture from yesterday. The one with boxes and garbage bags full of linens occupying nearly every square inch. Yeah, well I started going through that stuff and finding homes for all of that stuff and started a donation pile as well. Anyway, while doing this I started working on what I want the theme to be. The entire house is going to be natural, beachy like. I mean why not I live at the beach. 

So, while taking a break from organizing and unpacking hell I was doing a little Internet “window” shopping so to speak. I was looking for a shower curtain. I found one I really like until I saw the price. $90 for a shower curtain. What in the Bleepity bleep bleep is so special about it that its 90 freaking dollars? Is it magic or something, special powers that make it so it never needs to be cleaned, never rips and opens and closes itself. Because, seriously I can not come up with any viable explanation as to how a shower curtain cost $90. Oh and it was at Target. I wasn’t looking at Pottery Barn or Neiman Marcus or anything, it was freaking Target. $90 I’m still shaking my head trying to wrap my head around this, are you kidding me. Clearly my search for a shower curtain is still on. 

Happy Saturday!


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