Another Day More Stuff Moved

I headed out to the old house early this morning to get stuff packed up, cleaned up, and loaded into my car. All I have to say is good thing I did it early. Because, at 10 this morning when I was loading the car it was already insanely hot. 

I got the bathroom cleaned out of all of our stuff plus the rest of the bedroom stuff I couldn’t fit in the car yesterday. 

But of course an empty bathroom in one house means the bathroom looks like this in another house: 

Granted not all of that is from the bathroom at the rental house we are leaving. All of the big boxes are from storage. In Wyoming we had 3 full bathrooms, the rental had one so therefore I didn’t really need or have space for that matter, a ton of towels and other various bathroom items. However, since we have bought the house I’m going to have to go through those boxes, because there is no sense in keeping stuff in storage for forever. Either it will be used or donated. I’m thinking a lot of it will get sent with the husband overseas. But, anyway yeah it’s a mess of stuff to take care of. Good thing there is a second bathroom in this house otherwise it’d be quite the adventure in trying to use this one. 

My original plan for tomorrow was to go over to the rental pack up more stuff and move it over, but being that it is supposed to be another scorcher of a day here, I’m thinking I will be staying at the house trying to find homes for a lot of this stuff. Plus I’m going to need the totes and baskets that stuff is currently sitting in when it comes time to unload the kitchen.

This is how I know it’s hot: 

My dogs refuse to go outside, if they do its a quick bathroom run and they are right back in. After coming in they both promptly lay down in front of the fans and AC ducts. Smart dogs. 


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