This To This

With the move to the new house and it being across town, we moved all of the big stuff, you know furniture and other random big crap over 2 days. 

And, well now we are onto the odds and ends and little stuff that needs to be moved. 

Also with the moving of all of the big stuff we sort of have things assembled and arranged and than we sort of don’t. 

So, when you are in that type of situation you have a room that looks like this at your old house: 

Nice right all clean, free of dirt and dog hair. Looks good. 

Hahahaha however, the other side of this is that you now have a room in your new house that looks like this: 

Yeah that’s a bit of a mess and the best part is all of those bags don’t even go in that room. However, the room they go in is still in the assembly stage. 

I’ve decided to just go with it and get everything into the same house and then worry about putting it away. I of course say this now but my OCD may kick in and quickly change that, but for now I’m going with the chaos. 

On a high note the MIL sent us this today: 


Yummmm I’m not going to lie I’m snacking on this thing quite a bit. 


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