Today I picked up the dogs from boarding. And, well to say they were a bit crazy and excited is an understatement. 

They nearly ripped the poor girl’s arms off. I was like just let them go I’ll get them they will hurt you. I’m used to their special brand of crazy. And, crazy they are trust me. 

They had baths while at boarding since they surely needed them and what do they do as soon as they get in my car. Yeah that’s right shake like crazy sending dog hair all over my car. Great! Thank you doggies. 

After getting home they had to tear through the house and then the backyard to make sure it was how they left it. After about an hour of running around in the mud oh yeah did I mention it’s raining here, so much for clean dogs, they finally came in and passed out. 

Now Heidi our younger dog is OBSESSED and I mean OBSESSED with squirrels. She is bound and determined to catch one. However, this evening she may have decided to move on to other animals as she was just about to catch a rabbit when I yelled at her. That poor little guy was in her grasp. I’m thinking he won’t be hanging out in the yard anymore. 

She’s caught birds on several occasions and brought them into the house and she even once brought me a dead squirrel, as in it had been dead for a while dead, I think I’ll have an actual heart attack if she actually catches either a squirrel or rabbit and brings it into the house. 

Now Bonnie apparently could care less about these all little animals she just lays there and watches the entire thing. I almost think she at times shakes her head and rolls her eyes. 

Ahhhh dogs got to love them.  


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