Thank You

On my flight from Atlanta to Norfolk today there was a military escort on board. 

I was really impressed with the way everyone on that plane responded to the news.  Everyone remained seated and clapped for the man escorting the military member on his way home after getting off the plane most everyone stood at the window silently as the member of our military was loaded off the plane and into the waiting car by the honor guard. Looking around at my fellow passengers I saw several with tears in their eyes as they witnessed this. 

I don’t know who you were or who your family is but I thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice. And, to your family and friends I am so sorry for the loss that you have suffered. 

However, watching the people from my flight definitely put some of my faith back in humanity and people really can be compassionate, sympathetic, and genuinely care about others. 

So thank you fellow passengers and thank you to our servicemen. 


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