Sea World

Saturday while in San Antonio the husband and I went to Sea World. I’m not going to lie I FREAKIN LOVED IT!!!!

I could care less about the rides and exhibits I was there for the shows. And shows I saw. We started off with the Beluga Story, followed by Azul, and then things got a bit dicey. 

As you may have heard Texas has been gettin. Hammered with rain and well Saturday was no different. The afternoon brought a thunderstorm which caused the Seal High show to be cancelled. So we headed over to Shamu Stadium and watched the whales swim around and do a few tricks. Then finally we were able to see the One Ocean show staring the 6 killer whales. It was AMAZEBALLS!!!


Pictures from The Beluga Story

And the Hype Guy for Azul


The Azul show was really cool.  






And, then there was Shamu, okay it’s not Shamu but it’s the Killer Whales. 


I love Sea World.  


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