They Say It’s Relaxing

They say having a fish tank is relaxing. I’m not sure if it’s the watching the fish swim around the tank, or the sound of water running through the filter, but I somehow almost always find myself transfixed by a fish tank whenever I come across one. 

We had to take the husband to the chiropractor here in TX as he has seriously jacked up his neck. While he was getting his treatment I was escorted to the lounge. Okay, great comfy couches, quietness, and a fish tank. 

Ha! Jokes on me. When I first walked in I thought awesome a salt water fish tank, until I took a second to look at it really. 

Really!!!! A television with a fish tank basically screen saver complete with sound effects. Well crap now I might need to get this. I want a salt water tank but it’s expensive and a lot of work, but this equals no work. Uhmmmm I’m thinking it’s perfect, because even though I know it’s completely fake I was still transfixed watching the fish swim around. Yeah, I Amy have just found the fish tank solution. 


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