Oh The Possibilities 

I can’t eat fortune cookies, but I do love busting them open to read the fortunes. I mean they aren’t what they used to be, but some of them definitely have the potential to bring a smile to the face. And, of course if it just sucks you can always make it better by adding the ever so popular “in bed” after the fortune and well then it’s bound to have improved ten-fold. 

Anyway, here’s what was in the cookie I busted open today:

What!!!! I’m coming into my own power!!!! SWEET!!!! I wonder it could be. I’m thinking it over and well there are so many powers that would be so cool to have. Invisibility, teleportation, flying, seeing the future, super human strength, although I don’t really need that, my husband is already freakishly strong and well I’m not sure we need 2 people in this marriage with that type of ability, super speed, or maybe even x-Ray vision. I mean see there are way too many that are to cool to choose from. So, I’m just going to sit here wait for my power to come in and be surprised by whatever it is. Somehow, I think that fortune is not implying I’ll be coming into any type of super power, but you never know, and it’s kind of fun to think about. 

If you don’t hear from me for a while well than you know I’ve come into my power and I’m testing it out, you know making sure I’m ready to use it to save Metropolis or Gotham from evil doers when the time comes. I mean it could happen. 


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